Rats from Vacant Lot Get into Neighbors' Homes

Agnes Williams blames this damage to her carpet on the rats.
Agnes Williams blames this damage to her carpet on the rats.

Some Carver Heights residents in Savannah have had problems with uninvited house guests recently--rats coming from an unkempt vacant lot. The rats aren't just creeping around the property. They are inside neighbors' homes, terrorizing the owners and ripping apart their houses.

"They have just taken over my house," said neighbor Agnes Williams.

Williams lives next store and says the problem is out of control. "They're eating the carpet off my floor, they cutting screens out of my windows."

With all the rain, Williams says the rats are even worse because there is no shelter on the vacant lot. "If you crack the door, you better get out or get in, because they running out of the rain and they run in the door," she said.

She has tried to set traps, but she says it's no use. "I put this [trap] down, they pull it all over the house, one night I find it here, the next day I find it in the bathroom, I just can't catch them," she said.

Up until this afternoon, the lot has been overgrown, but when Williams called WTOC, someone--not the City of Savannah--came and sort of cut the grass. "Someone come out and mashed them down this morning and that's about it," said Williams.

Agnes says she wants the city to do something about this, because she can't deal with the problem all by herself.

It turns out the city is ahead of the game. They already have that property on a list of properties to be fixed. The final bids from contractors are due Monday and someone should be out there to take care of the problem next week.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro, kangelastro@wtoc.com