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House collapses on an elderly woman

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A house collapses on an elderly woman Saturday afternoon.

It happened at 1205 East 71st street neighbors tell us the woman who owns the home was trying to tear it down without any professional help.

The roof of the house is now sitting on the ground after the house collapsed on her, sending her to the hospital.

No one was living in the house but neighbors say the lady who owns it was trying to tear it down. A yellow sign still sits on the front porch where the City of Savannah had labeled this house uninhabitable last year. The woman told neighbors, the city was going to charge her $8,000 to knock it down.

A neighbor says the owner took matters into her own hands, deciding to take it down herself over a period of time piling piece by piece into buckets and then burning the scraps. Saturday was the day she was going to pull it down.

"My husband called me and told me that the lady and her boyfriend decided to put a chain on it and I guess pull the rest of it down and it fell on her," said neighbor Kimberly Holmes.

No official word yet on the woman's condition, but we've heard from that she may have hurt her shoulder and her left side.

Investigators told WTOC the area is not safe and has not been secured but it's been turned over to the City of Savannah property maintenance who will not be out here until Monday to assess the property. Of course we will continue to keep you updated on this investigation.

Savannah Fire Fighters say they will continue to monitor the scene through the weekend until city officials can investigate. 

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