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Cleanup continues in Jarvis Creek after fuel leak


The U.S. Coast guard is working to clean up diesel fuel leaking from a shrimp boat that is stuck in Jarvis Creek.

According to the Coast Guard, the Lady Essie was sent out to tow the Diane into shore last week when the captain, identified as James Murray, 69, ran the Lady Essie aground. Both boats got stuck and turned on their side.

According to the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office, Murray was not injured, and fuel wasn't leaking at the time.

The coast guard was notified about fuel leakage on Friday.

"Well what we're trying to do right now is make sure it doesn't become a negative impact on the environment, and the steps we're taking right now in placing out the boom should prevent any adverse effects from occurring within the environment," said Lt. Adam Mosley, of the U.S. Coast Guard.

The coast guard is working with SWS Environmental Services out of Savannah to clean up the Sheen. Yesterday they deployed two layers of absorbent boom to capture the fuel that's in the water, and the fuel still left on the boat.

"What we want to do is remove that oil that is on the vessel," said Mosley. "If it is removed via the boom, that will be the step that we will take. If other steps need to be taken, it will be a joint decision within the sector of Charleston and Marine Safety Unit in Savannah."

The other steps could possibly be raising the Lady Essie and removing the fuel tank.

The Coast Guard doesn't know how long it will take to get the fuel off the boat.

Sea Tow was called out to try and tow both boats, but they said they can't be towed.  The coast guard can't locate the owner of the Lady Essie. They say it is not up to the State to decide what will be done about both boats.

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