Savannah Woman Victimized by Identity Theft

The thief took her purse -- and identity -- from her car.
The thief took her purse -- and identity -- from her car.

Identity theft is a growing problems that affects millions of Americans every year. Now one Savannah woman found out it has happened to her.

For the last thirty years Mount Tabor Baptist Church has been a lot more than a sanctuary for Rebecca Bush.

"I always felt safe. I always was safe," said Bush.

That was until last Wednesday. Rebecca was inside her church when she hear a loud bang and when she came outside her windows were smashed and her pocketbook gone.

"Credit cards, Social Security cards and my mother and aunt's Medicare cards. Everything in there was valuable," she added.

If having her car broken into and losing everything wasn't scary enough, Rebecca has gotten a few suspicious calls in the last few days.

"When I asked them what they wanted they told me they were looking for drugs," she said.

Rebecca saod at least three people have called looking to buy either fire arms or drugs. One man who called even told Rebecca that he had met her the night before.

"He described me as a smaller person with gold teeth in my mouth," said Bush.

With no gold teeth to sport, Rebecca and her daughter are terrified about what the fake Rebecca Bush might do next.

"I am extremely scared. If I could change my face I probably would," said Bush.

Reported by Hena Daniels,