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Your Week in Viral Videos: No hands, no kitty litter? No problem

A puppet cat and the band Journey make wonderful music together. (Source: Macaroni Dimension Films/YouTube) A puppet cat and the band Journey make wonderful music together. (Source: Macaroni Dimension Films/YouTube)

(RNN) - A man who can't walk and doesn't have all his fingers has a thing or two to show you about how to play a musical instrument.

Dean Zimmer is a prototype case study in sucking it up, making it work and doing it without a bunch of whiney excuses.

And the best part is the guy can actually play. But hey, don't take my word for it.

'Don't stop meowing'

A puppet cat sings along to what is arguably Journey's most famous song.

On that note, let's ponder the thoughts of YouTube user, thedanathtiger: "VH1 Behind the Music: the true story of Cat Band, which featured Keyboard Cat on piano, and the tragic downfall of the original lead singer, Mr. Tickles, who OD'd on catnip."

What more need we say?

Why you crying?

More and more fathers are taking on a role in domestic childcare, and that's commendable, but how many can stop their toddlers from crying on command?

Well, prepare to have your mind blown (in addition to learning what sounds cows and dogs make, in case you didn't know already).

With a little practice, you too can become a baby crying master.

Keeping it light

Ways to break the monotony in a marriage:

A. Plan and save for a special vacation trip

B. Find hobbies to enjoy separately or together

C. Fake injury and possible death

I think the choice is obvious, don't you?

Welcome to college

An 18-year-old's first day on a college campus is exciting enough, what with the prospect of life without curfew and finally knowing what it feels like to wear dirty underwear.

It gets better when an upperclassman looking out for your well-being talks to you like you're preparing for a heavyweight title bout.

Which, technically you are - with student loan companies.


Lizard gets a belly rub

Light switch prank

Tricks you need to see to believe

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