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"Crazy Clown" drug sends 8 to hospital in Coastal Georgia


At least eight people have been hospitalized after smoking a form of synthetic marijuana.

"The substance is sold under the names Crazy Clown or Herbal Madness Incense, among others," says Effingham County Sheriff's spokesman David Ehsanipoor. 

The substance is most commonly smoked or burned in a small bowl and inhaled.

"Several were admitted to intensive care and are on life support. The drug has been sent to the crime lab for testing," Ehsanipoor said. 

Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, weakness and cardiac problems.

Ehsanipoor said some are noted of experiencing paralysis as well.

Ehsanipoor warns that convenience stores and smoke shops in your jurisdiction could be selling this drug and its active ingredient is unknown.

The Center for Disease Control is now investigating the drug and the effects it has on other users.

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