Church members plan to rebuild after blaze

Church members plan to rebuild after blaze

RIDGELAND, SC (WTOC) - A 9-year-old church burned to the ground in Ridgeland.

Church members of Gospel Lighthouse say the building is destroyed but their spirit isn't.

"This is not gonna stop us, we've worked too hard on this church for 10 years," said nettie Beam.

For many members, like Julia Brown, the Gospel Lighthouse is more than a place of worship, it's a savior. It's what gave Brown hope three years ago, when she joined.

"I was invited to this church, and I came. The first time I walked into this church I could feel the love," said Brown. "I heard the lord speak to me really loud and clear, and he said, you are home."

So Brown, a Charleston native, packed up and moved to Ridgeland.

"It would not have been on my places to live, but I moved to Ridgeland because of the church," she said.

Brown says that was the best decision she's ever made. She found life long friends, folks she considers family. She even found her soul mate.

"I met my husband at church," she said. "We give everything we have to the lord. We feel very blessed, and we're in a very blessed place."

Blessed, a feeling all members share. That's why they will continue on, and rebuild.

"We're putting up a tent right here today, and we're not gonna miss one service. We're going to build – bigger and better. We're gonna keep rebuilding for the lord, till the lord comes," said pastor, Jackie Chavers.

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