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Adoption partnership suddenly ends for Humane Society, Animal Control

Humane Society Executive Director Lynn Gensamer Humane Society Executive Director Lynn Gensamer

Free adoptions are going on all week. The Humane Society of Greater Savannah is pulling out all the stops to reach an adoption goal this week with their eye on not only prize money, but saving the lives of animals.

However, they may have to do it with out full cooperation from their neighbors, the shelter run by Savannah Chatham Animal Control.

On Monday, there seemed to be a sudden meltdown of the recently mended partnership between the Humane Society and Animal Control. 

With just five days and 140 adoptions to go to reach their goal, the Humane Society's executive director says the county pulled the plug on joint adoption cooperation. Humane Society employees are no longer allowed to be inside animal control adopting out animals. That had been a huge benefit in the push for the non-profit as they tried to win money in the ASPCA $100,000 Rachel Ray Challenge, for which they are in third place nationally.

They currently are in strong contention for a $25,000 Community Cares grant. In order to qualify for any prize money, they need to reach their 787 adoption goal.

Over the weekend, a joint adoption event produced 26 adoptions from animal control alone, giving a boost to the Humane Society's 787 adoption goal. By Monday morning, word came down all planned joint adoptions for the rest of the week were not going to happen.

If the Humane Society wanted to adopt out Animal Control animals, they would have to remove the animals from Animal Control and move them to the Humane Society.

Humane Society Executive Director Lynn Gensamer told WTOC that it's dissappointing since she believes the cooperation had been working.

"Moving animals out of animal control means there is more space at animal control, which means there are fewer animals who have to be euthanized. Morale at both places could not be better and whether or not we were in a comptetition, this is the direction our two organizations would like to see us go," Gensamer said.

WTOC has not heard back from the county, but Savannah-Chatham Metro Police officials say they understand it may be a liability issue.

Gensamer said her focus now is on adopting out as many animals as possible this week. All adoptions are free this week. They need 140 adoptions by Sunday.

You can also help vote and get the Humane Society for Greater Savannah more grant money and into first place in voting by going to and click on their name. 

Sunday is the deadline to adopt and vote.

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