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Man impersonates Dorsey Tire employee

Dorsey Tire spokesman Bruce Chamblee Dorsey Tire spokesman Bruce Chamblee

A local business has issued a warning about a person who is pretending to be a Dorsey Tire employee and repairing tires at various locations after he punctures them. 

"That's where the plug is," said victim Nancy Jones. "It's still hanging out from his shoddy work, and from what I was told, you can't do a side repair on a tire. So what I am being told is I am driving around on a tire that isn't safe thanks to his handy work."

Jones said a man posing to be a Dorsey Tire employee offered to repair her leaky tire after she got out of Walgreens, but then conned her into paying for the parts.

"We get down there he goes through this schpiel that they are held accountable for the plugs they use and he is going to short his pay if it doesn't match up for what he has," said Jones. "I don't carry cash so I had to go into Kroger to get cash."

After giving the man $40 for a poor repair, Jones wants to make sure no one else falls for this.

"As he was walking away, I said, 'I blew it.' I probably should have called AAA and let them fix it, because he was a con artist," said Jones. "He said his name was Matt and he worked at Dorsey Tire. I thought this was an employee trying to be a Good Samaritan. No, he is just ripping people off." 

She isn't the only victim. At least eight other people have been conned, that is why Dorsey Tire put out a warning. 

"If he does these repairs and does them poorly this could escalate into a bigger issue where a customer blows a tire and ends up flipping on the interstate," said Dorsey Tire representative Bruce Chamblee. "There is a lot of situations that could happen. As a company, it's a fear customers are being misled and our business is misrepresented." 

The suspect is described as a white man impersonating a dorsey tire employee. He has blondish to redish hair in his late 30's to early 40's. WTOC was told he wears glasses and is driving a green pickup truck with supplies in the back. 

WTOC is working to find out if any police reports were filed. If you have any information call CrimeStoppers at 912.234.2020. 

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