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Editorial - 9/2/13

Labor Day.  The annual tribute to those who work. Productive Americans, making a contribution, making a difference; for employer, for community, for nation.   In more recent years, the ranks of workers, in or out of the home, have dwindled.  Two main reasons: the loss of jobs due to the preventable, near-fatal-collapse of America's economy, and, perhaps related, the new lack of interest in working, now with Fed-assistance so freely and comfortably available, former requirements deleted or unenforced, effectively-removing the incentive to work.  Let's be clear.  This does NOT include those honorably retired, who've justly-earned, and contributed to, their stipend, or those legitimately-disabled, for whom no one objects to providing needed support.  The growing fiscal-problem are those others who could work, or could re-train, but choose not to, apparently content to take monies confiscated, and redistributed, from the productive.    

Yet, those who create that much needed, and under-appreciated wealth, the  so-called "fortunate few," continue to be politically-bashed.  The very individuals, and companies, who, through the generations, have made employment possible for countless Americans. That "fortunate few" cheap-shot is clearly an insult to the vast majority who've become rich the old-fashioned way, by studying, working, investing, and taking risk.  In today's America, anyone, repeat, anyone, regardless, can join the "fortunate few."  All it takes is education, determination, vision, and unending hard-work.  In past challenging-times, a grandmother's lasting-admonition to a then-young, W.W. Law, later an admired Savannah civil rights leader, still rings true today: "Go outside and be somebody." To those who've done that, who go outside, or stay at home, and work-hard each day, America's problem-solvers, our thanks for all you do to keep our nation productive and strong.    


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