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Skip Carey & Lou Holtz

Pre-Season Picks
Every conference and publication likes to make it’s own pre-season college football picks. Often these are just projections as to how a team will come together during the season. The Southeastern Conference asks the writers who cover each of the 12 schools to submit their guesses as to where the teams will finish at the end of the season. One writer had South Carolina winning the East Division, which prompted Gamecocks Coach Lou Holtz to comment, “He probably voted with a crayon.”

Tennis Lingo
In the 2004 Wimbledon Championships, American Andy Roddick faced defending champion Roger Federer for the men’s title. After winning the first set, Roddick couldn’t hold off Federer any longer and lost in four sets. After it was over, Roddick summed up his efforts, “I threw the kitchen sink at him, but he went to the bathroom and got a tub.”

Baseball Talk
In June, the Atlanta Braves were playing an interleague baseball game in Detroit. The Motor City was having an unusual heat wave for that early in the summer and announcers Skip Carey and Joe Simpson were discussing this weather situation. Carey’s dry wit jumped to the forefront, “It’s so hot, the winter’s snow has finally melted.”

Growing Like Weeds
In July, the Atlanta Braves started using rookie outfielder Charles Thomas in left field, and moving Chipper Jones back to third base in an effort to protect his sore hamstring. The experiment has an immediate success as Thomas brought a spark to the team with his lively bat and his sensational acrobatic catches in the outfield. Teamed with Andruw Jones and J. D. Drew the Braves now arguably had the best outfield defense in baseball. As Thomas made yet another diving catch, Carey had this comment, “There’s that kudzu defense.”

More Carey
During a Braves game against the Mets in New York, Braves Catcher Johnny Estrada bounced into a double play. Now, Estrada is not the fastest player in the major leagues... and Carey opined, “His speed is deceiving, he’s slower than he looks.”

Still More Carey
Back in May, Randy Johnson took advantage of an injured Braves lineup by throwing a perfect game. During the broadcast, Carey went against superstition and was clear in pointing out to the viewers that there was a perfect game in progress. “There’s a big electronic scoreboard here showing zero runs, zero hits and zero errors,” said Carey. “Everyone in the ballpark knows it, why shouldn’t you.”

Does That Involve the Stomach?
When 16 teams enter the playoffs in the NBA and the NHL, there’s always the chance that one of the top teams could lose in the early rounds. It’s the way of the playoffs now. Toronto Maple Leafs Coach Pat Quinn talked about the possibility of the early exit, “Good teams will be dropped out in the first round and whether it is considered an upset or not, it will be upsetting to somebody.”

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
Minnesota Twins designated hitter, Matt LeCroy, was challenged by his teammates to eat a beetle that was seen crawling through the clubhouse. The other Twins offered LeCroy $550 to down the black bug and he took that challenge. He then offered this explanation, “Hey, I got a kid to feed.”

Thrifty or Fugal
Boxer Bernard Hopkins recently made $10-million for a fight with Oscar De La Hoya. Despite the big payday, he admitted he still shops at Sam’s Club, “You have to bag it, but it’s worth the savings.”

Life’s Plan
Young golfing phenom, Aree Song, turned pro in her mid-teens. Now 18-years old, Song gave her reason for jumping into the grown-up world of playing for money, “So I could retire early.”


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