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Local fears of possible Syria attack


Many Americans are wondering if Congress will move forward with an attack against Syria but folks in Savannah have concerns with getting involved with another Middle Eastern country.  

Senators Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss both released statements Saturday acknowledging that this is a serious issue that requires some sort of military action; Syria should be held accountable and ignoring it would send the wrong signal.

President Obama says he will go through Congress before using any force with missiles and he does not plan put to put troops on the ground.

However, folks are still hesitant to get involved in another Middle Eastern issue.

"I'm about ready to get out of the military and I really don't want to go back over there and it just seems we're getting into too many things for us to handle all at one time," said Kevin McCleary of Hinesville.

"I have confidence in our president that he will do the right thing," said Veronica Kimble of Savannah. "He's taking his time with making a decision and I am more than confident he will do the right thing for the country."

Congress is scheduled to reconvene on Sept. 9 but Senate could come back before then.

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