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Police: Underage drunk driver passes out in car, blows engine


Police in Monroe say they pulled an underage drunk man from a vehicle after he passed out behind the wheel and caused the engine to blow.

According to a Monroe Police report, officers and fire officials responded to the report of a vehicle fire along the 2500-block of W Roosevelt Boulevard on Sunday.

When crews arrived, they found a blue Toyota Celica with the engine running and a Hispanic male asleep in the driver's seat, a police report states. Officers say they opened the door and turned the car off and attempted to wake up the man inside, but he didn't respond.

Officers reportedly placed an ammonia pack under his nose and he finally woke up.

According to the report, officers smelled an odor of an alcohol from the man and the inside of the vehicle.

That's when officers say the man became "very uncooperative." He grabbed the ammonia pack that was on top of his car and threw it on the ground because he was mad, officers stated in the report.

He was then arrested by officers. He reportedly stiffened up and was refusing to cooperate with commands.

He was taken to the Union County Jail and charged with underage consumption, littering and resist, delay and obstruct. His vehicle was towed because the engine was blown.

Officers say while he was passed out, he left his foot on the gas pedal causing the engine to blow - creating the smoke that prompted the car fire call to 911.

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