Money Wise--A Quick Fix for a Facial

The thought of going to a spa to relax sounds like a great idea, but the reality is it can be rather pricey. We found an inexpensive way for you to get a spa treatment right at home.

You might think the products used by spas are special, top-secret formulas. But Brandi Murphy, who gives dozens of facials on a daily basis at Vanilla Day Spa in Savannah, says there really is no big secret. The pros here use everyday items most people probably have just sitting around the house.

"You can use oatmeal, about 1/2 cup, and combine it with yogurt, and from there you've got a general cleanser," Murphy said.

That'll cost a whole lot less than buying an expensive over-the-counter cleanser that can sometimes total up to more than $15.

Murphy also uses a hot towel to open the pores. At home, she says you can do the same thing, by heating a moist hand towel in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Then, once it cools enough to place on your face, let it sit for a couple of minutes.

Next, Murphy uses a special fruit peel. Sounds exotic and unique, but the recipe is actually quite simple. "If you want to do this at home, get a fresh pineapple, use a cup and a half of papaya, puree it, add honey, mix it an apply it to the skin."

And then, let it sit for about one minute.

If you would like to learn more do-it-yourself recipes, visit the Pioneer Thinking site.

And something else you can do for your skin that not even the best facial can do, drink lots of water. Not only is it inexpensive, but experts say dehydrated skins ages faster.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,