At Least One Dead in Savannah Fire

Jefferson and 35th Streets.
Jefferson and 35th Streets.

Savannah firefighters responded to the scene of a deadly fire at Jefferson and 35th Streets. The fire started at about 4:55pm, and crews were still fighting it at 6pm.

When firefighters arrived, they found out the fire started on the first floor of a home and spread throughout the house. When firefighters got inside, they found one victim who they believe died as a result of the fire.

Neighbors tell us four people live in the house and they're not sure how many were inside at the time of the fire. No more victims have been found.

A nearby neighbor tried to go inside to help out, but it was just too dangerous. Firefighters say because the houses on this street are so close together, it can be a really dangerous situation.

Other firefighters are monitoring other houses around the fire and plan to remain for quite a while tonight.

WTOC has a crew on the scene and will have the latest tonight on THE News at 11.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,