Vacant Lot Blamed for Rats Cleaned Up

Last week, WTOC brought you the story of a Savannah woman living with a major rat problem because of a vacant lot next to her house. Tonight, there's good news. The overgrown lot from which the rats were coming has been cleared.

The City of Savannah was able to get in contact with the owner who immediately took care of the problem. Agnes Williams, who lives next door on Carver Street, says she is so grateful and hopes the owner continues to maintain the property because the rats are starting to go away.

"It's less rats, because I was hearing them all over the house, but they're not all over the house anymore," she said. "They're there, but not like it was."

City officials say if the owner does not continue to maintain the property, she will have to answer to them an administrative hearing.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,