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WTOC Editorial - 9/09/13

The good news is that traitor-murderer, Nidal Hasan, has, at last, been convicted and justly-sentenced to death, for gunning-down 13 at Fort Hood, while wounding and the attempted murder of over 30 others.  While his  body-temperature needs to read zero in short-order, sadly, the bad news for both justice and America's tax-payers, is we'll have to endure his continued existence through the legal-gymnastics of time and money-wasting appeals.  Meanwhile, we can only hope that, with formal guilt finally declared, his military pay is now cut-off, the prior continuation of which was absurd. 

But there is potential good news for the victims of that militant-terrorist-slug.  You may recall that, back then, in the interest of timid, spineless political-correctness, our government quickly labeled this carnage mere "workplace violence."  A ridiculous effort to pretend, like a dog hiding under the bed whose tail sticks out, that Muslim extremism doesn't exist, making this just another case of a guy losing his temper at work.  A huge, insulting shovel-full of federal bravo sierra, in the face of all Americans.  

The trial now over, to the rescue come three Congressional members who've introduced the "Honoring the Fort Hood Heroes Act," to officially, and correctly, re-classify this heinous, life-shattering event as one of terrorism.  If it passes, and shame on any member of either House, who fails to support it, those victimized, that catastrophic-day, will finally be eligible for the military benefits so long denied, and clearly due. We salute Texans, Senator John Cornyn, Representatives John Carter and Roger Williams, for pursuing this injustice, in hopes that enough Congressional colleagues, from both parties, will put politics aside, and do the right thing for the best of America.  

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