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Beaufort Co School Board turns over $3 million windfall


Beaufort County's school board members found themselves with extra tax money, and lots of it. But they're not going to spend it. 

The letter Beaufort County School Board Chairman, Bill Evans, sent to the County Council earlier this week, outlined the board's request to use the money to lower the millage rate. 

The millage rate and the estimated value of the mil are the two factors that determine how much local tax revenue is generated.  

On Aug. 26, the county discovered they generated an extra $3 million, but School Board Chairman Bill Evans said it was never their intent "to create a 'windfall' of revenue during the reassessment process." 

And instead of spending that money, he is requesting that the county use it to lower the millage rate for the tax payers.  

"I think it explains to the public that we are trying to be very good stewards of public money and it also clearly leaves the door open for us to come back at some later date if we actually need an infusion of some new permanent funding to come back and say when we come to you, we want you to understand that we really need this money," said Evans. 

Chairman Evans added that a one-time tax surplus like this usually doesn't benefit them as most of the school district's programs are funded on a continual basis. 

Before the county can lower the millage rate, the county council must hold two more special meetings to discuss the plan.  

The second reading is set for Monday, Sept. 16 at 5 p.m., with the final reading and vote scheduled for Sept. 23. 

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