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Locals prepare for President's speech

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Just hours before President Obama addresses the nation on Syria, many folks in Savannah are wondering what he will say and how lawmakers are preparing.

"I think everybody is concerned about what's going on," said Chris Arnold, Savannah State University student.  

That's the mindset of some folks as the nation prepares to watch the President's speech Tuesday night; many questioning what the future will hold for Syria and for the United States.

"I think everyone wants to understand but right now the American people don't understand anything that's going on," said Arnold.  

A Savannah State University professor helped bridge that gap Tuesday for students, holding a Syria seminar to help them understand the issues and the consequences the U.S. could face.

But no one really knows until they hear from the President.

"I think over the next 72 hours we'll get an idea of what's really going on and what America's role is going to be," said Arnold.

Even representatives are anxiously waiting. WTOC's Elizabeth Rawlins spoke to Congressman John Barrow (GA-12) who says he is still unsure what the best decision is or how he will vote.

"In either case, I'd like to see how the administration proposes to see that these weapons are not be used again," said Congressman Barrow.

Barrow says it's still a waiting game because they don't even know when they will be asked to vote.

U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss' statement on Syria: "The use of chemical weapons violates international norms and poses a serious threat to our national security. No one should tolerate their use and Assad's defiance cannot go unanswered.  I would support a diplomatic solution if the international community can secure and destroy Assad's weapons. However, I remain cautious about any deal involving Russia, and we should not take American military strikes off the table."

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