Neighbors, Family React to Fatal Fire

Fire investigators still haven't determined the cause of a fatal fire in Savannah yesterday afternoon. It happened just before 5pm, killing a woman inside the house at 35th & Jefferson Streets.

This fatal fire on has hit this neighborhood hard. "I saw nothing but smoke, I ran out and went to hollering," said neighbor Mindy Gason.

As neighbors tried to call 911, Roger Davis, who lived upstairs in the burning house, was trying to get out. He was just about to fall asleep but smoke woke him up. We caught up with him at the Red Cross today.

"When I opened the door, I saw the whole hallway was filled with smoke, so I got down low and I got downstairs and the heat hit me and pushed me towards the front door," he said.

He was worried about his downstairs neighbors, Juanita Gilbert and her mother, because he had just seen them. He tried to get back into the burning home, thinking both ladies were there.

"I was still calling names when I realized the truck was gone and I said, well they're gone," he said. "Then when I saw the truck come back with no one but the mother, I knew right then she was in the house."

Clinton Gilbert, Juanita's son, came back to the scene today, looking at what was left of his mother's house.

"I wish she was here but she's gone," he said. "I told her I was going to get rich and I'll do it for her."

We're continuing to follow this story. As soon as we have more information from investigators, we'll let you know.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,