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48th Infantry Brigade hosts XCTC


Soldiers from all over the world are at Fort Stewart for a special training that will prepare them for combat.

The soldiers are taking part in the exportable combat training capability program hosted by the Georgia National Guard's 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

It's a rare event, when soldiers from the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team get to train side-by-side with troops from overseas.

"We never got to train with them before, so before the bullet gets the meat is when you want to train with them," said 48th Brigade Stefen Berry. "You don't train for the superbowl at halftime."

"The experience we gained from that will make everything a lot easier, when we do it for real," said 51st Highland, 7th Battalion Royal Regiment Private David McNicol.

Nearly 2000 Georgia Guardsman with the 48th Brigade are taking part in the training program at Fort Stewart, along with the Scottish troops of the 51st Highland, 7th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland and the Canadian 48th Highlanders as part of the 48th Highlander Alliance.

"We really got a chance to use the mt's kits, the battlefield simulation kits," said McNicol. "We have sensors attached to us and lasers on our weapons. It makes it more realistic."

As would be expected their were some challenges.

"it helps them with the language barrier, wend to speak with, a bit faster when we're in the heat of battle," said McNicol.

The guardsmen are excited to take back the skills they learned to their various bases.

"I don't think we are getting our full potential after seeing some of the stuff they do, I think we could do more potential out of reserve guys," said Berry.

"After speaking to some of the gentlemen, I think it's good to look down your sights because no one can outrun a bullet," said 51st Highland, 7th Battalion Royal Regiment Kieren Hughs.

By covernging at the regional training center at Fort Stewart, it saves time and money that would be spent traveling to one of the army's training centers in California.

The training runs through Sept. 24.

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