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Girl suffers from dog bite in Effingham Co.

An eight-year-old's arm was nearly torn off by a pit bull in Effingham County Friday evening.
"She is in and out of consciousness right now," said Janet Leggett, the girl's grandmother. "They have here highly sedated. She went through three hours of surgery yesterday to try to reconstruct her arm."
Leggett says all of her granddaughter Tori Menius's muscles were torn.

"Everything's been reattached. Her arms kind of at an angle now. She's got to learn to bend the arm back out," Leggett said.
Menius was playing in David Arnsdorff's yard with his kids when the dog bit her. Arnsdorff said one of his sons was feeding the dog, which was on a chain, when Menius walked over to it.
"She had walked over too close to the dog while he was eating, and he bit her," said Arnsdorff. "Everybody known's that it was basically an accident."
According to Leggett, Tori says it wasn't an accident.
"My granddaughter's telling me that the boy told the dog to get her, to sick her," said Leggett.
The Effingham County Sheriff's Office says the incident is still under investigation, but they do believe the dog was provoked by the kids in the yard. They did not say that the dog was told to attack Tori.
Since there is no tethering law in Effingham County, Arnsdorff said he didn't have to get rid of the dog. But, he did give it to the Humane Society.
"For safety of the children, I didn't want him here anymore," said Arnsdorff.
For Menius, it's too late, according to Leggett.
"She's just scared to death," she said. "It was the most horrific thing."
The sheriff's office has not said whether or not there will be charges brought against Arnsdorff. They said at this time, it doesn't look like any laws were broken.

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