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City to hold meetings for railroad quiet zones


Residents in the Ardsley Park area say trains make too much noise and they are hoping the city can do something about it.

Trains are required to blow its horn if there isn't an arm that comes down at a railroad crossing. Many crossings don't have them.

The city has done a preliminary study to see how much it will cost to put up arms at railroad crossings. Findings show that they will cost millions. Neighbors who live around the crossings are hoping to convince the Savannah City Council that it's worth spending the money.

"It's not just the people in Thomas Square. It's people in Ardsley Park, it's people in Baldwin Park, it's people downtown who've all complained about the railroad and the noise of the horns coming through at fiveo'clock in the morning," said Virginia Mobley.

The City Council is holding a meeting to talk about creating a railroad silence zone. The meeting is scheduled Tuesday from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at the Bull Street Public Library.

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