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Editorial feedback - 9/12/13

Your 9-12-13 editorial is not exactly exciting.

We are going from one disaster to another and another.

I wrote in my 10-05-10 reply that the muslims better hurry up otherwise the occupant of the White House will destroy it all by himself. By Executive Orders and Czars to circumvent the Constitution which he swore to uphold.

Boy, what a hate for America.

Well, voila, that's what he is doing. Besides the hundreds of millions he spent on re-building the mosques in the Arab states, the millions for "victims" of the Israeli "attacks" on Gaza. Of course not a word about the thousands of rockets into Israel is mentioned. This administration caused the Benghazi failure, the regime change in Lybia, Egypt. Thank God the Egyptians were smart enough to throw the gangsters out, so far.

Now comes the regime change in Syria and then Iran.

All this has nothing to do with chemical weapons or oil,

but they will never let you know.

We could be energy independent but that would deny his Aqrab friends the money , our money, they need to fight the U.S.

Peace breaking out ? NEVER.

I am glad that I am past my 70's.

Hopefully I will miss world war 3 and especially the aftermath.

Thank God I know where I am going.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, GA

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