InSITE--After the Storm...

The site is from the United States Geological Survey, the folks who study the Earth, and the changes we might not notice right off. They did something I've always thought was a good idea, but it takes planning ahead. They flew over the Gulf Coast back in July, before Hurricane Ivan hit. They went back after Ivan hit. Take a look.

Typical condos on the beach, pools, nice place. Scroll on down for the after. Obviously the roof on the building is torn up, torn away in several places. But look at the five- story condo. The third floor is now beach level. The pools and decks, gone.

One more big condo complex on the beach, a couple of very nice beach houses next door. The aftermath, the condos are just about gone, all the way to the first layer nearest the street. Chopped off like slices of a cake. Check out the neighbors. The newer house took a bad beating, the porches gone. But the older house. It's just gone. Take a good look.

See the a nice beach front community. Before. And after. After is mostly gone. The row of beach front homes built on the dunes, gone. Take a good look at the pilings that help up the front of the big house. Notice the parts of the pilings that aren't painted. They were under the sand. All that beach is gone.

One more big one. Wouldn't you like to live here? Looks like the last house on the beach. Private, lots of peace and quiet. Take a good look. And now it's a very different piece of waterfront property.