Editorial Salute - 9/1913

Earlier this year in Afghanistan, when a route clearance vehicle ahead of his own, hit an IED, injuring the four soldiers inside, Specialist Tyler Ivester didn't wait for orders.  This 3rd ID combat medic raced forward to assist, dropping his body armor, in order to squeeze inside the mangled truck, carrying only his aid bag, to begin treating the injured.   With doors finally hammered back enough for extraction, the wounded were then removed from the wreckage and prepared for evacuation.  For his courageous actions that day, 3rd ID Medic, Tyler Ivester was recently awarded the Army Commendation Medal with Valor Device, at a ceremony at Forward Operating Base Airborne in Eastern Afghanistan.

Closer to home, two 3rd ID Combat Aviation Brigade soldiers, received Army Commendation Medals here last week.  When, after a work-out, a male retiree was spotted at the Hunter Fitness Center, down in a hallway, not breathing, there, on-site, Specialist Nicole Lopez and Specialist Jeremy Myers, combined to begin CPR, while ambulance support was summoned.  The gentleman lived, and these two great soldiers have been credited with saving his life.

Whether serving in harm's way, or here at home, examples, all, of the dedication and training that makes us so continually thankful for, and proud of, America's men and women in uniform.