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Teen describes being bullied


A former Islands High School student says she was a victim of bullying at school.

The student, who chose to not reveal her identity, hopes by sharing her story she can help other children who may be victims of bullying.

"They yelled, 'Stick her. She is about to get on the bus. Go get her.' That is when she walked behind me, as I was getting on the bus, grabbed my book bag and hit me in the back of my head, constantly. You are supposed to be my friend. You let those people influence you to do that?" She recalled. 

A video posted on Instagram still affects the 13-year-old former Islands High School student who was attacked by her best friend while trying to get on the bus Tuesday afternoon.

"I got on the bus and the bus monitor told me, 'Do you want to get back off the bus and fight some more?' It was her exact answer, and I said, 'What do I look like?'"

The teen said her best friend was influenced by other students to attack her after hearing a false rumor about her. She said this isn't the first time she has been targeted.

"It hurts because I fear for my safety. Because every school I have been to since I moved down here, people, just, they just [have] been bullying me. I have been teased and picked on because of where I am from, and it is a shame, because no one gives me a chance," the teen said. 

The teen ended up going to hospital and was treated for a concussion, but what is most frustrating is she, like other students who are victims are bullying, feel as though they have no one with whom to turn. Victims also feel that such an incident can result is more harm than good. The punishment could be end up being 10 days of in-school suspension.

"They put them in a room where they can't interact with anyone. That isn't doing anything. Once they get out, they are going to lash out on that kid again. They will say, 'You told on me, so I will lash out on you again,'" she said. 

The freshman has since been transferred to another school. WTOC reached out to the school district. They told WTOC they can confirm that campus police are investigating an assault incident that occurred on the bus ramp at Islands High. The investigation continues and charges are pending.

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