Fans thrilled to see Deen family at cookbook signing

Fans thrilled to see Deen family at cookbook signing

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Fans stood in a line Thursday that wrapped around the Lady & Sons restaurant to attend a book signing for Jamie Deen's first cookbook "Jamie Deen's Good Food".

Many folks walked away with several signed copies of the book. Some said they are stocking up for Christmas.

Fan traveled from as far as New Zealand for the opportunity to meet sons Jamie and Bobby Deen, his mom Paula Deen and her husband, Michael.

"You see them on TV - all the time - and you never think you are going to get your picture taken with them," said Keith Ward, of North Carolina. "You can't act that nice. You can't put that show on all the time if you're not really that way."

Both locals and out-of-towners, were glad to see Deen and her family moving on in a positive way.

Deen is making her first appearance in Savannah since a federal judge signed a motion to dismiss a sexual harassment and workplace discrimination lawsuit against Deen last month. Attendees at the book signing said they are ready to see good things happen for Deen.

"I just think her coming out and seeing everybody and everybody being able to talk to her and her sons, it's just a good PR move," said Darla Alia of Savannah.

"She has fans lined up around the corner and down the side," said Ward.

"[I'm] just happy that Paula is back, you know, downtown and making an appearance," said Vonda Resch of Savannah.

Several companies cut ties with Deen in the midst of the lawsuit that was later dropped. Around the Savannah area, people say their loyalty never wavered.

Tourism businesses said Deen has generated more business in Savannah since she has been established and that she's one of the main tourism draws to the city.

Despite Deen's negative publicity earlier in the summer, tour guides in downtown Savannah say they have yet to see the crowds dwindle.

"Most everyone coming through is still in support of Paula Deen," said Brian Scott of Old Savannah Tours. "They will come through and ask if our tour has suffered for the negative publicity that she has gotten. For the most part, I can't say that I have seen that for our tour or her restaurant."

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