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Motive for teen kidnapping may involve drugs and money

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is not giving out specific information regarding the abduction of Ayvani Perez, 14, but court documents show there could be something even more sinister behind her abduction.

A criminal complaint filed in United States District Court alleges that two men broke into Perez's home searching for money and jewelry.

When Perez's mother told the armed robbers she could not meet their demands, Perez was abducted.

The complaint states that "her children were hiding in the closet" and the men "kicked in the door."

Perez was taken downstairs at gunpoint, and then led to the backyard and over a fence.

The timeline of events show that the abduction may not have been random.

According to the complaint, neighbors noticed seeing a Dodge Challenger parked outside the home at approximately 1:37 a.m. Tuesday morning. There was also a small four door silver car backed up to the house across the street.

At 1:50 a.m. neighbors reported to police they heard hysterical screams coming from the backyard of the home, and at the time the grey dodge sped away.

At 2:15 a.m. two individuals pried open the rear door and forced entry into the residence at 3894 Brookgate Drive in Ellenwood.

While in the home, the men, investigators say, shot the family dog and abducted Perez at gunpoint. Her mother ran after them screaming for help.

The complaint shows that FBI agents used cell phone tracking technology to track at least one of the suspects involved in the case.

Wildrego Jackson's phone number, according to the complaint, was identified as one of the numbers used to call the family and demand a ransom of drugs and money in return for Perez's release.

Jackson made his first appearance before a federal judge Thursday afternoon. Jackson faces one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping for ransom and a weapons charge.

The complaint alleges that at 2:23 a.m., approximately five calls were exchanged between Jackson's phone and another person.

Investigators said they were able to verify with Jackson's girlfriend that she rented a gray Dodge Challenger for Jackson on Sept. 13, the Friday before the kidnapping.

A nationwide search began for Perez the moment she went missing. Her picture was broadcast nationwide. On Wednesday, the kidnappers indicated that they were going to return Perez home to her family. She was dropped off, according to investigators at her aunt's home in Conyers.

On Wednesday, Perez was reunited with her family after nearly 36 hours of getting held hostage.

"She stated that the kidnappers shielded their faces from her and told her not to look at their faces," the complaint said.

Perez identified three to four men holding her hostage.

FBI agents said she was checked over medically, and appears she was not physically harmed.

A search warrant from Feb. 21 2012 obtained by CBS Atlanta News, along with an investigative report from the Flint Circuit Drug Task Force show that Perez's mother, Maria Magdalena Corral was arrested along with Juan Alberto Contreras-Ramirez for marijuana trafficking.

Ramirez is the same man investigators arrested in connection with Perez's kidnapping.

According to the complaint, Corral and Perez were at the same home in Stockbridge at 589 McCullough Road when deputies, acting on a tip, found marijuana in the home.

According to the prosecutor who worked the case, there was more than 500 pounds of marijuana inside.

Blair Mahaffey told CBS Atlanta's Mike Paluska he clearly remembers the case because it was dismissed in Henry County Magistrate Court. Mahaffey is the Chief Assistant District Attorney for Henry County.

Mahaffey said that the judge ruled investigators did not meet requirements set by the law to search the home, and therefore suppressed all 500 pounds of evidence.

FBI agents have not released any information connecting Corral or Ramirez to the marijuana bust.

According to Mahaffey, Corral's name and information were expunged from the case.

Ramirez is held on immigration charges.

Jackson has another court appearance on Tuesday. The preliminary hearing is when his defense team will argue the conditions of his release on bond.

The FBI continues to search for other suspects in this ongoing investigation.

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