WTOC Site Map

There is a tremendous amount of content on wtoc.com, so please refer to the list below to help you find what you're looking for.

  • As Seen on WTOC: This page is for phone numbers, links, and extra information we told you about during a WTOC newscast.
  • News: This page is where you can find recent local news stories (generally within the last 48 hours). Looking for an older story? Try our search page.
  • Weather Index: An alphabetical listing of all the weather information we offer.
  • Sports: Recent high school, college, and pro sports stories.
  • Health: Jody Chapin reports on the issues important to your family's health.
    • Kids MD: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on THE News at 5, Jody focuses on children's health.
  • Community Bulletin Board: The goings on about town, updated every weekday.
  • Commercials: Contact our sales department for information about commercials that air on WTOC.
  • Promotions, special offers, and freebies: Current offers you heard about on WTOC.
  • Money Wi$e: Dmitra Denmark brings you consumer stories each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on THE News at 5.
  • Mr. Food: Recipes as seen presented by Mr. Food each weekday on THE News at 5.
  • InSITE: Mike Manhatton shows off great places to go on the web Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on THE News at 5.
  • Military Salute: Each month, WTOC brings you a close-up look at one of our area's dedicated military members.
  • Editorials: Every Monday immediately after THE News at 6, Bill Cathcard takes a stand on current issues.
  • Top Teacher: Mike Cihla presents the WTOC Top Teacher award to one local educator each Wednesday on THE News at 6.
  • Top Teen: Melanie Ruberti introduces us to a special young person in our area.
  • Hometown Hero: Ron Wallace shows us a local person who's gone above the call of duty each Friday on THE News at 6.
  • Community Spirit: Dawn Baker points out special people or groups who've brought something extra to our community each Monday on THE News at 6.

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