Editorial - 9/30/13

This week, the dungeon-doors of America's future healthcare grind-open,   the approaching-loss of medical quantity and quality, our sad destiny, unless this sedated nation can be jolted awake.  As millions more now enter, or are dumped into, the jumble of government exchanges, while doctors, already in projected short-supply, opt to leave, rather than further serve Mother Fed's control and eroding payments, only the mentally-dim in D.C. can fail to see the medical-care train-wreck ahead.  Long-told if we liked our current coverage and doctors, we could keep both.  And this destructive, cram-down Act would "significantly" reduce costs. For you non-PC'ers, we were lied to.  Fact is, over-all, the nation's health-costs will be forced up. It's happening to individual policies already. Plus, Fed-regulated plans will limit your access choices.  All resulting in over-whelmed medical providers, long waits, and rationed care. Translation: delay or out-right denial of treatment you need and deserve.  Born of a fantasy-assumption that Fed-care will be cheaper and better than that from our world-class private sector!

Do understand, this lemming-plunge-over-the-medical-cliff isn't about better healthcare.  It's not about you. Never was. It's about full, socialized-medicine, forcing private docs and health-insurers out, so Mother Marx can fully-absorb yet another sector of our superbly-productive, free-enterprise system.  The Unaffordable Care Act is just that, an act. A smokescreen hiding permanent Fed-control, reducing personal choice and freedom.  All the proof you need lies in the immortal, and immoral, words of Mrs. Pelosi, proclaiming the need to pass the law, to see what's in it.  Meanwhile, we sit in a stupor, blinded by the light of a speeding locomotive.