Editorial feedback - 9/23/13

This is about your 9-23-13 editorial.

Make no mistake but the gun control will come. Don't bore "those" people with facts. They are not interested in truth.

It doesn't matter what's the excuse, instability of the few or "why no preventative action" was taken. On the contrary, this will further their agenda.

It has to come in order to restrain the masses. We will see things in this country in a few years so totally un-Constitutional it will boggle your mind. Don't worry the drones will record it all, and above all else you're guilty even before they drag you in front of the "courts".

You will meet judges like Roland Freisler.

(look it up)

The government will not be at fault. Period !

Punch in "executive orders" and see how far it has come. Just like the USSR and Nazi Germany, simply talk to people who were in "those" camps.

Rejoice. Balanced budgets, strong military, honor, nobleness, fairness, righteousness, justice e.t.c. all things of the past.

When it happens, rejoice for you voted it in.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, GA