Editorial feedback - 9/30/13

Dear Mr. Cathcart,

I heard with dismay your editorial last night.  Do you really believe that our private sector health care can take care of our health needs at present?  Tell that to my friend, who got laid off from her job, had to become self-employed because no one would hire her in her 50's, couldn't afford insurance because of a pre-existing condition (thyroid cancer), and was without insurance and unable to keep up with the instructions she received after overcoming her cancer.  She is already signed up for one of the exchanges now offered under Obamacare.  Tell that to  my dad, who had to declare bankruptcy after my mother had a stroke.  He was self-employed, and couldn't afford insurance, either.  It broke his heart and his spirit.  I could give you plenty more examples of people who need Obamacare-and they are not lazy or irresponsible. They've just had bad luck and have slipped through the cracks of the current system.

Conservatives fought a number of legislative movements, and have always been on the wrong side of history:  segregation, civil rights, social security, welfare.  It's time to stop thinking that the government is "out to get us," and that the government can actually HELP its citizens who are struggling and suffering.  Our citizens need their health to be productive citizens, and cannot continue to live on the edge of disaster, fearing sickness.

It is irresponsible to pass off your extremist agenda on a news program, even though it is in the guise of an editorial.  I, for one, will never watch news on channel 11 again.

Rebecca C. Turner, Ph. D.
Savannah, GA