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Editorial Salute - 10/3/13

Home-stationed at Fort Stewart, Third ID 4th Brigade Combat Team soldiers, Staff-Sergeant Joshua Morse and Staff-Sergeant Steven Wagner, were both awarded the Bronze Star medal with Valor device in Afghanistan last month, for their dismounted-service, at great personal risk, identifying and removing explosive devices from main supply routes, doubtless saving the lives of fellow soldiers. 

And another courageous soldier, this one from the 10th Mountain Division, has been nominated to receive the Silver Star, posthumously.  When enemy insurgents blew-open one wall of a forward operating base in Eastern Afghanistan, home to U.S. Special Operations and Polish Army Forces, as mortars and RPG's continued to rain-down on the Allied base, a number of suicide-vest wearing enemy came through the breach.  As our troops rushed to engage and defeat the insurgents, as a homicide bomber approached a responding Polish Army officer, U.S. Army Staff-Sergeant Michael Ollis stepped in front, as the vest went off, saving the Polish officer's life at the cost of his own.  A tremendous display of commitment and courage, the likes of which we hear, so many times, involving the truly heroic actions by the members of our great military.

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