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City Council looking to move forward

District 4 Alderman Mary Ellen Sprague District 4 Alderman Mary Ellen Sprague

Thursday was the first time Savannah City Council members met publicly since the police chief retired abruptly and the head of the film commission was fired. 

The council did not discuss the matters publicliy. However, they did have an executive session, which is closed to the public and media, to discuss items related to personnel and legal matters.

It's not known if that had anything to do with the chief or with former head of the film commission Jay Self. But council members are ready to move forward.

"I'm very sad and disappointed about whats happened, and yes its very concerning," says District 4 Alderman Mary Ellen Sprague. "We want to move forward as a city and when you get stuck into something like this, it churns you up. I want to take the city forward. I don't want to deal with issues that have happened in the past."

Business is back to normal at city hall following the unexpected retirement of Police Chief Willie Lovett amid sexual harassment allegations and the dismissal of Film Commission Director Jay Self.

Thursday, council members met for the first time since losing these long-time servants of The Hostess City, but council members discussed neither of them.

City Manager Stephanie Cutter plans to meet with the Police Policy Committee to start the hiring process for the new chief. Council members tell us there is a lot to consider moving forward.

"It's not just a matter of dealing with what has happened, but going forward, to make sure nothing that has happened happens again. We're trying to be proactive and not just look at what is here and now but what will happen in the future," Sprague said.

Cutter said she cannot comment on the search process until she meets with the Police Policy Committee which is expected to be some time next week.

Self lost his appeal this week, after being dismissed over how he handled Paramount's production of "SpongeBob Squarepants 2", which is filming now on Tybee. There is no word from city officials on the search for his replacement.

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