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Editorial - 10/7/13

Citizen-supported Honor Flight provides no-cost trips for World War II vets to visit their Memorial in D.C.  And it's literally their Memorial, since  construction was funded, not by taxes, but directly by nearly $200-million in private source donations, including from America's school children.  Savannah's Honor Flight has hosted several such expenses-paid trips for Coastal Georgia and South Carolina vets.

Last week, Honor Flight vets from Mississippi made the trip, only to find their Memorial closed, due to over-zealous partisan-nonsense.  So, in a politically-incorrect show of civil-disobedience, those quite-elderly, mostly wheel-chair and walker-bound vets, ignored the barriers, and entered to enjoy their long-anticipated, well-deserved Memorial-experience.  Since then, the barriers there, and elsewhere, have been reinforced, preventing further entry, angering all other vets, as well.  Unbelievably, the Administration also closed our 24 military cemeteries overseas. Remarked Texas Congressman Steve Stockman: "This is the first White House to ever lock veterans out of military cemeteries." The Washington Times quoted a D.C. Park Service Ranger who said (quote): "We've been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It's disgusting."  That says it all about the broader punitive-intent here, made worse, yet, when it impacts veterans, who risked life and limb for Allied-freedom and our liberty. Increasingly, it seems, elected officials and political appointees enjoy acting like arrogant royalty. Rather than doing what they're paid to do by their employers, the American people:  preserve and protect our national best interest, not their own ego-driven self-interest.  Probably be a good idea to remind them who works for whom come election time, if not long before!

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