Tourists take in Spongebob theme of Hostess City

Tourists take in Spongebob theme of Hostess City

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - For many tourists in Savannah, being able to see a major film production firsthand is quite the experience.

Filming for "Spongebob Squarepants 2" is taking place on Broughton Street. Many have been snapping photos and stopping to watch the production. Many businesses on Broughton Street have a different look just for the film.

Antonio Banderas, who plays the lead pirate in the film, was at the production shooting an action scene for the film.

But for tourists who aren't as familiar with the city, the altered streetscapes and storefronts can be somewhat confusing.

"It is pretty neat. We didn't expect anything to be filmed here," said Deana Lawyer, a tourist.

She said it was neat to see the beach props and décor as they were driving through. 'I was like, 'Why are their floats out, it's October,'" she said.

"I think as people ask questions and they answer your questions so its easy to get around and just fun," Joan Jionzo, a tourist.

Crews are changing storefronts as they go and plan on returning the downtown buildings back to their hisotric aesthitic. Despite owners having to explain what their businesses really are, they are enjoying the process and excited to see downtown Savannah so bright and clean.

Businesses that are being affected by the production are taking part in a raffle put on by "Spongebob Squarepants 2". Winnning items include a set of bicycles, a weekend at the Marshall house, dinner at 45 Bistro, a movie night that includes a television, blu-ray player and Spongebob DVD or a Spongebob party in a box with a gift certificate.

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