Wrecks Common at Scene of Bus Accident

Unfortunately, yesterday's bus crash is just one of several accidents that have happened at that location. The curve in Wild Heron Road near King George Boulevard is not too narrow and it's not very sharp. But when people disregard the speed limit, it can make a simple curve extremely dangerous.

The recommended speed limit for the curve is 15 miles per hour. Many people take it much faster.

"This has pretty much been a disaster," said Fred Sororian, who lives nearby. "Since I moved here, I've seen three accidents at this location."

In January, an SUV flipped over at this curve. Police say the driver was speeding. And last September, a man died when he lost control of his car going around the curve. Again police say speed was a factor.

And then yesterday, a school bus flipped over there.

Despite yesterday's accident and ones in the past, county officials say there are no plans to make any changes on this stretch of road.

"It's not the curve that's the problem out here," said Savannah-Chatham police spokesman Sgr. Mike Wilson. "The problem is the motorists who attempt to negotiate this curve at speeds greater then what is recommended."

So the solution seems to be: slow down. "It's definitely a dangerous curve, we just need to take it a little slower," said area resident Chris Stevens.

Police believe if drivers slow down when they take the curve, it could cut down the number of accidents.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter, mpaynter@wtoc.com