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New Information on Tybee Bomb

Somewhere between Tybee Island and Wassaw Sound, buried deep in the ocean floor, could be an Air Force Mark 15 bomb, missing since 1958.

Now there's new life for an old mission: finding the Tybee bomb. Tomorrow morning, bomb assessment teams will be hitting the waters. Three years ago, the Air Force searched and found nothing. Now, they are back checking on new data and a possible threat to public safety.

Retired Statesboro fighter pilot Derek Duke hasn't given up. His research team has detected radiation levels in an area the size of a football field near Tybee, with what he believes is the bomb, right at the center.

The Air Force isn't taking any chances. Duke's findings were serious enough to get Air Force bomb experts back to Tybee. Their goal is to find out how accurate Duke's information is.

"Mr. Duke's findings [are] something that the Department of Defense felt need to be investigated," said Dr. Billy Mullins with the US Air Force.

The bomb was lost in the water after a mid-air collision between two bomber jets in a training mission. The Air Force says the bomb is not capable of a nuclear explosion. The latest chapter in the Tybee bomb continues tomorrow morning. We'll take you along as bomb experts test the waters.

Reported by: Don Logana,

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