Editorial - 10/14/13

As you know, D.C.'s military and other memorials were shut-down by an Administration that turned-180, to allow a pro-illegal immigration rally to take place on the supposedly-also-closed National Mall, a double-standard under the purported-guise of a First Amendment right.  Meanwhile, contract-civilian Catholic chaplains were prevented from providing Mass on military installations.  Said the civilian priest who serves Georgia's King's Bay Submarine Base (quote): "My parishioners were angry and dismayed.  They couldn't believe that in America, (military members) would be denied access to Mass by the government."  The Feds selectively side-stepped the Constitution, yet again, concluding the First Amendment applies to free speech rights of favored-groups, but not to full freedom of religion when applied to our military.  And another military impact, death benefits, for troops killed in combat, including airfare for next of kin, were stopped for 10-days, re-instated only after intense-pressure. And pay-checks for some reserve & guard members apparently remain in question.

While the public has been barred from our national parks, memorials and monuments, and selected rights and expectations of military members have been infringed, be comforted knowing that the White House and Congress, along with staff and families, will retain their existing, heavily-tax-payer-subsidized, gold-standard health plans, thanks to a White House-dictated exemption from the Unaffordable Care Act, the latter being good enough for us, but not for America's royalty.  Oh, and while citizens were being kicked off tax-payer-maintained property, and otherwise inconvenienced, take heart: through it all, the Congressional gym remained open.  With their right to exercise in mind, remember to exercise your right next November.