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Editorial Salute - 10/17/13

It was an emotional moment, few in attendance will ever forget.  Army Ranger, Corporal Josh Hargis, 3rd of the 75th Ranger Regiment, stationed at Fort Benning, was very severely wounded, by exploding IED's, earlier this month, while on patrol in Afghanistan, explosions that killed four U.S. soldiers and wounded several others.

While still under intensive-care, at a military hospital in Afghanistan, prior to transport for additional treatment in Germany, an estimated fifty fellow Rangers and medical staff members were gathered around his bedside for a Purple Heart ceremony.  Lying still, hooked to a breathing tube, and all manner of life-sustaining equipment, understandably, Corporal Hargis was presumed to be medically-unconscious.  As orders were read, the medal then affixed to his blanket, the presiding officer rendered the traditional salute.  Then it happened.  Immobile, struggling to move his heavily bandaged right arm, finally, slowly, hand-to-forehead, unbelievably, and the best he could, the Corporal returned that officer's salute, military training and protocol, somehow breaking through, overwhelming the severity of his condition.  Providing an emotionally-unforgettable moment for all who witnessed.

An incredible example of commitment and courage, under extreme-  circumstances, not unlike that which he, and his fellow special operations soldiers, display on the battlefield, and in life, everyday.  Corporal Josh Hargis is now back in the U.S., joined by family, beginning his long recuperation at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.  The gratitude,  admiration and heart-felt thanks, of an extremely grateful-nation, are extended to Josh Hargis, and to all of America's wounded warriors, as they work their way, step by step along the arduous-road to recovery, here in our great land of freedom, home to the incredibly-brave.

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