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Tim's Take: Not So Young Love


They probablyjust didn't want to rush into anything.

So, maybethat's why Jose Maneul Riella and Martina Lopez waited to get married. And waited.And waited. They waited all the way until after World War II, which started sixyears after they met.

The couplefrom Paraguay finally walked down the aisle after they had already beentogether for 80 years, the 103-year old groom robbing the cradle with his99-year old bride.

No wordon new, borrowed or blue, but they had something old covered. Twice.

 They said it was their kids' idea that theymake it official, even though the couple had been joined in a civil ceremony 31years ago, when he was merely in his 70s and probably not ready to settle downjust yet.

But itmight be a nice change for a couple that has seen more than a little changeduring a relationship that started before Hitler took power and is still goingstrong after Bin Laden.

 It was even good for the Paraguayan economy. Afterall, the immediate family alone was a caterer's dream: Eight children, 50grandchildren, 35 great grandchildren and 20 great-great grandchildren.

No wordif the couple is planning any more kids. But if they are, they'll probably waituntil they've been married a while.

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