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Editorial - 10/21/13

With the passage of the Default Prevention Act of 2013, the official name of the shut-down-ending, get-out-of-jail-free card, we Americans have officially lost control of our own government.  You remember, the one that President Lincoln told us was supposed to be: "of, by, and for the people."  

When the band packed-up, the lights went out, and the default prevention dance ended, unbelievably, from supposed-grown-ups, the debt ceiling had not only been re-opened, but with NO upper limit!  Meaning, for now,  there's no end to how much more the Executive Branch can borrow and spend.  Best, and chillingly-illustrated by the fact that the U.S. Treasury immediately borrowed an additional $368-billion on the very first day after passage.  So we're now over $17-trillion in debt, which, you need to know, exceeds our nation's gross domestic product.  To clear that massive, unsustainable debt, would cost every working-American $123-thousand, out of pocket!  On this issue, Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston, who voted against the sky's-the-limit measure, reaffirmed his commitment to (quote): "… advancing reforms that free future-generations from a life indebted to China."  Sadly, all too true, as we attempt to live through a time of career- royalty, with a devil-may-care spending addiction, fueled by reckless borrowing and money-printing.  Going forward, keep an eye on the elected players in D.C., to see who's serious about real-world spending controls, including entitlement reductions, versus those who clearly have no true interest in preserving America's fiscal solvency and security, and are apparently just fine with passing enormous, ever-mounting debt along to your grandchildren. 

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