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South University developing new College of Theology

Some big changes are coming to South University. Some big changes are coming to South University.

Some big changes are coming to South University. 

Right now there are over 84,000 square feet of classrooms and labs and soon the school will be expanding that footprint on the corner of Mall Boulevard and Waters Avenue.

Also right now, the University is developing a new College of Theology.

While traditional medical students are studying for their fall exams, Dr. Robb Redman is getting ready for the new College of Theology.

"Over the last few years, I think it's become clear to them, that they really need to embrace more holistic approach to heathcare, that includes the spiritual dimensions of health and the human person." Redman said.

Dr. Redman says traditional medical staff across the country have said they aren't quite sure how to handle patient requests for religious guidance while under their care.

"A college of theology is a way to develop programs that will address those issues that will train professionals to provide spiritual care." He said.

Hospitals are just one setting for theology practice; hospice, institutional settings, and churches are others.

Redman, who's been teaching theology for three decades, says, "We want to be able to train and equip pastors that look for that, but also provide resources for the wider church community, from all denominations, not just a narrow selection.  We want to be here for everybody."

The new college will be one of just a handful in the southeast; however, you won't find theology just yet in the course catalog.  They have to wait until the accreditation process is complete and they hope to offer classes in the fall.  There are over 9800 online students enrolled at South University and 1300 on campus.


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