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Bad Week for Buses

A falling branch slightly damaged a bus today. A falling branch slightly damaged a bus today.

It has been a bad week for school bus drivers in Chatham County. Around 3pm this afternoon a school bus carrying a full load of students had an unexpected delay. A big oak tree branch came crashing down on the front of the bus. In this case, no one was hurt and within minutes the bus was back on its way.

Laidlaw is in charge of all the school buses in Chatham County. Company spokesman Rufus Smith told us, "It's been a very challenging week and that's and understatement."

Yesterday, Laidlaw was called to LaRoche Avenue just south of DeRenne. A truck hauling a trailer full of logs lost part of its load. One of the logs flattened the front tire and jammed in the back of the bus. None of the six Bloomingdale Elementary students on board was hurt.

And the most serious accident happened Tuesday afternoon. The driver lost control of a bus in Georgetown. It went off the road, flipped over, and hit a utility pole. Twelve Windsor Forest High students on the bus suffered minor injuries.

"In view of the way the week has gone and in view of the type of incidents we've had, I must say safety has prevailed," said Laidlaw's Smith.

In Tuesday's bus accident, police say speed was a factor, and they may bring charges against the driver, 47-year-old Margaret Brisbon.

And in yesterday's log accident, the driver of the truck was at fault; he was charged with failure to secure a load.

Laidlaw says it requires all its bus drivers to go through safety training once a month.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,

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