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Chili Cook-off to Benefit Firefighters with Cancer

They save lives and homes and businesses all the time. Now, the community they serve is coming together to help two Low Country firefighters battling cancer. There's been a number of blood drives for these two firefighters. Now the community is holding a chili cook-off to benefit local heroes who have given so much to them.

Beaufort volunteer firefighter Joe Robinson has dedicated more than half of his life to saving and protecting the community as a paid firefighter and a volunteer. In fact, the Beaufort Fire Department even has a lifetime achievement award in his name.

"It's something I suppose you get in your blood and you want to keep going," Robinson said. "As long as I'm able to do it,  I'll keep on going."

Fire Marshal Ed Bostein of Burton feels the same way. "I've worked there 16 years and there's no other job for me."

But now, both of these local heroes are battling cancer. Fortunately they are not fighting alone.

"It's been amazing, the support I get through God and the support through my family and friends and my fire department," said Bostein.

Being a part of the fire service, they know they can count on their fellow firefighters for support.

"They're always there for me whenever I have to call on them, all I have to do is pick up the phone and they are there," said Robinson.

But now, since they've given so much, the community wants to do its part, by holding a chili cook-off benefit. 

"This is our way of supporting them and showing them we care," said Beaufort resident Kathy Jolly.

The cook off is tomorrow afternoon at the Highway 21 Drive Inn starting at 1pm. Firefighters throughout the Low Country will be cooking up their special recipes to help raise money for these two heroes.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,

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