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Dinosaur Exhibit at Georgia Southern

We've all seen the models and skeletons of dinosaurs, but these giants started out a lot smaller. Georgia Southern University in Statesboro's the place to see the proof at an exhibition the kids will be very excited about.

Dr. Jonathan Geisler seems almost like a kid in a toy store at Christmas himself. A professor of paleontology at Georgia Southern, he's excited about a new exhibit on dinosaur eggs.

"There are fossils where the eggs were arranged in a circular pattern with a skeleton, presumably the parent, kind of sprawled over the top of the eggs," he said. 

Hatching the Past--The Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt is a national exhibit that travels the country. It's been featured at Harvard University and the Peabody Museum at Yale.

"There are 250 eggs, 100 of them are authentic," said Judy Ware with the Georgia Southern University Museum. "Others are die-cast replicas we encourage children and adults to hold, touch, feel."

Visitors can even find their own fossils eggs in a dinosaur dig. But if today's eggs in the supermarket come with an expiration date, you might wonder how these eggs could survive 100 million years.

Dr. Geisler says, first, dinosaur eggs are thicker than the ones in your fridge. "The other thing is that in some cases you had unusual geological events, say a nest with eggs and it's buried instantly by a flood."

The water and sand preserved the eggs for modern explorers.

Ware says whether or not you know a therapod from a saurapod, the insight at how dinosaurs nurtured their own is worth the look.

They open tomorrow at the Nessmith Lane Building at Georgia Southern. Tickets are $6 for adults, $4 for seniors, students and the military.

Reported by: Dal Cannady, dcannady@wtoc.com

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