Editorial - 10/24/13

Salutes to those Americans who pushed back against the Administration-directed, over-kill, shut-down foolishness, the latter, not for financial necessity, but purely out of spite.  Why does a dog lick itself? Because it can.  Why does an aloof Government choose to punish its people?  Also, because it can.  There's simply far too much political power and control, seized by royalty, within whose hands it seems to be uncaringly held.

But in the midst of D.C.'s most recent citizen-abuse, a couple of noteworthy  salutes.  First, Father Ray Leonard, the catholic priest from St. Mary's, Georgia, who was barred from celebrating Mass at the King's Bay Submarine Base, a clear violation of the religious freedom our Constitution provides.  Not only was he prevented from serving the Naval personnel who serve us, he was allegedly told (quote): "if he violated that order, he'd be subject to arrest"! A ridiculous assertion, much like that of threatening to arrest World War II vets attempting to visit their Memorial.  To his credit, assisted by the Thomas Moore Law Center, to counter that oppressive action, Father Leonard has filed suit against the Defense Department and  Navy in Federal Court, drawing further, needed, attention to this abuse.   

And kudos, as well, to South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy who challenged the National Park Service to provide legal-justification for blocking access to the World War II Memorial, while simultaneously permitted a pro-illegal-immigration rally on the "closed" National Mall, manipulating the Constitution to suit dictated political-needs, rather than uniform-rights for all Americans.  Thanks to Congressman Gowdy and Father Leonard for something we too-rarely see exhibited anymore,  certainly in D.C.: back-bone in the interest of doing what's right.