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Man jailed after firing shots at woman, three-week-old baby

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(Source: Kershaw County Detention Center) (Source: Kershaw County Detention Center)

A Kershaw County man was arrested after he fired shots at a woman and her three-week-old baby Saturday night.

Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews said 30-year-old Henry Lamar Stover, of Cassatt, was taken into custody after deputies used a flash bang grenade and shot him twice with a bean bag non-lethal shotgun round after he refused to come out of his home.

"This man has gone to the extent of pulling a gun on her and shooting over her head," Matthews said. "What's the next step?"

Deputies responded to a shots fired call in Cassatt and learned a woman and her three-week-old baby fled a home where they lived with Stover, Matthews said.

"She relayed that she and Stover had gotten into an argument and that he had become violent," Mathews said "The victim stated that she had taken her three-week-old baby and had hidden in a bedroom closet. According to the woman, Stover grabbed his double barrel shotgun and shot through the closet doorway, missing her and the child. She and the baby were able to escape and flee to a neighbor's home where she was able to call 911."

Matthews said responding deputies were advised Stover was armed with a shotgun and secured the perimeter and attempted to call Stover out of the residence.

Deputies were able to contact Stover's father who came to the scene, but he was also unable to talk Stover into surrendering.

At the request of the KCSO, a Kershaw County Fire Department unit was called out and placed on standby in the event that the distraction device started a fire in the residence.

Deputies ultimately had to forcibly gain entry into the residence and deployed a flash bang distraction device followed by a pepper spray grenade against Stover.

Stover continued to resist arrest and was subsequently shot two times with a 12 gauge non lethal "bean bag" round. He was lying on top of the fully loaded shotgun when taken into custody following a struggle with officers.

Stover is facing criminal domestic violence, resisting arrest and unlawful conduct toward a child charges. He was transported to the Kershaw County Detention Center where he is awaiting a bond hearing.

Deputies determined that Stover was wanted by KCSO on three narcotics charges and that he had just been released from prison following a conviction for unlawful conduct toward a child. He has previous arrests for narcotics violations, traffic offenses, criminal domestic violence, trespassing, resisting arrest and failure to stop for a blue light, Matthews said.

"This was a very dangerous situation that could have turned out a lot differently," Mathews said.  "The deputies were very measured in their use of force and were able to take this man into custody with minimal injuries to the suspect and no injuries to our officers. I commend them once again for their professionalism."

"Very irresponsible man, doesn't care about anybody but himself, obviously he has no respect or regard for the woman he lives with or the child he fathered," said Matthews.

Neighbors said they do not know much about Stover except that he moved in about two months ago.

Sheriff Matthews said this domestic situation is all too common and needs to stop.      

"When an officer goes into a situation like this - a very volatile situation, the man's got a gun, it's nighttime, they flash-banged, they've gassed," said Matthews. "I have to commend these officers because they had a very measured response it could have escalated into deadly force in a second."

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