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Residents advised to boil water after fecal matter possibly found

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South Atlantic Utilities issued a boil water advisory Friday night for Hardwicke, Ft. McAllister and Kinsale areas after fecal matter was detected in the water.

Many customers say they received automatic calls Friday night, informing them about the issue. Resident Todd Hoeg says he never got a call, and just found out about it.

"We actually found out from our neighbor that there was an advisory," said Hoeg. "They were nice enough to bring us some bottled water, and that's how we found out that there was an issue here."

There are signs posted on multiple stop signs in each neighborhood affected, but Hoeg and others say the signs are so small that no one would think to stop and read them.

"The sign isn't big enough to make anybody aware. The sign is smaller than a lost dog or lost cat type sign," he said.

Area resident Ronnie Banks received a call, however, it irritated him because he now has lots of questions and no answers.

"There's a big question on my mind and I'm going to try to get it answered tomorrow," Banks said. "Let's say Tuesday they say the water is now good to drink, what about all of the water that's in the lines? If everybody in the neighborhood has to purge their lines, that's a lot of water. Who pays the bills for that?"

WTOC reached out to South Atlantic Utilities for comment, their only comment was, "There is a possibility that fecal matter was found in the water."

The signs hanging in the neighborhoods say the water may be back to normal Tuesday.

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